Researcher biography

A graduate of the UQ School of Architecture, Douglas Neale is a Registered Architect and has worked in commercial practices in Brisbane and London from 1988-1999. He was a member of an ALTC (formerly the Carrick Institute) funded multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research team investigating studio teaching and learning (2007-2009) and led a UQ DVC[A] Strategic Grant funded Research Project investigating tacit knowledge in architectural design studio practices (2008-2010). Appointed to the School of Architecture in 1999, his research interests include architectural design, representation, and aspects of modernity in Australian architecture. Together with Emeritus Professor Brit Andresen and Elizabeth Musgrave, he coordinated the successful Travel Abroad studios to Japan and Finland between 2010 and 2014. In 2012, the Japan Travel Abroad Studio was recognised with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic's Award for Internationalisation.


Registered Architect, Board of Architects Queensland Member (Level 1), Australian Institute of Architects